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Evolution of word of mouth…

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The first source of news was word of mouth and till this day it is the most popular, but is it word of mouth or word of font that has become the number one source of news?

When you type twitter and news into google you get a million links saying the number one news source for Allen Iverson, Brittney Spears, social news and so on.

Before news can even reach the Television or the Radio it is announced on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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(Image from Google)

Word of mouth has grown because of the invention of texting. Text messages are much more convenient and faster than phone calls or seeing someone. It is possible to send the same message to more than one person and spread the news much faster.


(Image from Google)

Social Websites and Text messaging have made it possible to spread news in a split second without saying a word. So is it safe to say Word of mouth has evolved to word of font

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