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“Het Licht Voor ‘t Volk”: a look into America’s Flemish newspaper

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The Gazette van Detroit or the “Newspaper of Detroit” is America’s “only Belgian paper.” But that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. The Gazette has a loyal readership of Flemish subscribers in the America and Belgium alike.
The paper started its weekly distribution in 1914 in Detroit, Michigan and later became a biweekly and monthly publication. In 2004, the paper celebrated its ninetieth birthday and in 2006, the Flemish government donated 12,500 euro to the Gazette to ensure continued publication for the foreseeable future.
The Gazette operates as a non-profit called Belgian Publishing Inc and is headed by Chairmen David Baeckelandt in Roseville, Michigan. The papers motto “Het Licht Voor’t Volk” translates to “A Light For Our Community” and its stated goal is “to serve as a cultural bridge between North America and the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium” Also, the Gazette seeks to promote “cordial relations with all ethnicities and nationalities.”

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