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“What emerges from the 16th century is a reading public ready to invest in printed material from broadsheets to pamphlets to books that went beyond their trade or devotional lives.”   Over the 16th century, the publishing market was refined: news pamphlets recorded local news in addition to foreign sensationalized news, sensations were the stock […]

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In 1923 two young journalists, Henry R. Luce and Briton Hadden, came together under the goal of a magazine that could better deliver news to the mass public in a concise, informative manor.  Under this premise, Time Magazine was first published. Within 4 years of the original publication, Time secured a subscription list of over […]

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Who chooses the news?

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Every day there are hundreds, even thousands of stories published on the Internet. Who decides what to write or post? Is there a rhyme or reason to the types of articles written daily? Perhaps, in my opinion, there is a reason as to why certain topics become the top stories on the left side of the Google News page. […]

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Word of mouth as a news source

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Word of mouth has been a news source since 40,000 B.C. when the settling of the Americas happened. News spread by word of mouth. After that, word of mouth was unstoppable. And to this day, it is the most popular source of news http://ban.jo/blog/social-discovery-word-of-mouth-is-world-of-mouth/ In  January 2011, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey consisting […]

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Revolution creates freer press

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Prior to the Revolution in 1789, press in France was heavily controlled. Reporters/writers who ignored these regulations and published seditious or defamatory material were quickly subject to consequences, increasing from public flogging on the first offense to the death penalty for any following. Jack Richard Censer discusses these conditions in his book Press and Politics […]

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The Impact of Feature Writing What IS feature writing? Feature writing is the researching and writing of a special, in-depth article for a newspaper or magazine. It is considered special because it focuses on one particular, core topic, and is not a regular part of the periodical in which it is published, the way a […]

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When most Americans hear the word “tabloid” they automatically associate it with entertainment journalism and the ferocity of which we pounce on celebrity gossip. However, entertainment journalism is not what has fueled the history of the tabloid.  Tabloids originated in as a unique form of British journalism.  Utilizing sensationalism, British tabloids focus on breaking hard news […]

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Walk into a coffeehouse today, what do you see? A few tables of people chatting, more tables of people by themselves, attached to their iPhone or glued to their laptop or tablet, and the majority of people grabbing their coffee to go and running out to get on with their busy lives. Walk into a […]

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The Impact of Media; particularly on children By Joshua Aaron Karber Any scholar, academic, philosopher and even politician can tell you that in our society today we are literally bombarded with images and information, and at a level that is unparalleled throughout documented history. Essentially, we are all jacked in to a system of words, pictures, sounds, videos and […]

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Ted Turner & CNN

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Launched on June 1, 1980 Ted Turner’s Cable News Network (CNN) continued people’s innate desire for news. CNN was the first 24-hour cable news program. CNN gave us “the sights as well as the sounds of the news became available 24 hours a day,” as Mitchell Stephens notes in his book “A History of the News.” Before […]

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News is Ubiquitous

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News is ubiquitous. But does that mean that people are actually absorbing it? Television has given people the ability to see what’s going on in the world at anytime. Internet is another medium that informs people about the local and worldly happenings. But what are you taking away from it? I get it, your busy. […]

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Kanye’s egotism is something that is never really questioned because let’s face it..he loves himself. But he does sometimes share those gems of truth that can wake people up and help them realize what kind of world we’re living in. As a black female aspiring broadcast journalist, it is great to see more faces like […]

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