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The King under seige

Posted by: | September 5, 2011 | No Comment |

Is LeBron James the Most Scrutinized Athlete in Sports History? In a 24/7 media circus where a celebrity’s every move–and I mean every move– is documented, it’s merely impossible  for a superstar athlete to not take heat for something, in some form or another. The rapid rise of the Internet in the late-90′s gave the world […]

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History repeats itself…

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On Oct. 6, 2010 Roy Halladay pitch his first No Hitter. It was the first post season no hitter in almost 1000 post season games and over 50 years. It was Roy Halladay is the Ace pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. This game was his first start in a post season game. It is only […]

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Evolution of sports reporting

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It was just 31 years ago that the most famous sports network, ESPN, launched. Before that, the most reliable way to receive your sports news and scores would have been through the daily newspaper or the radio. Before that, the majority of people could not have imagined a TV channel dedicated to sports reporting. Now, […]

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Inspiration for sensation(alism)

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Journalists and Historians alike often attribute the rise of sensationalism to the war between Hearst and Pulitzer. For it was during this time in the late19th to early 20th centuries that newspaper editors were looking for ways to sell more papers. The story is classic: the elder Joseph Pulitzer makes something of himself by building the St. […]

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