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The world had long operated under the logical assumption that if you wanted your news to spread, you or someone else had to get themselves out there and spread it yourselves. There was no magic string connecting one town with another by which news, ideas, and trade could be spread. That was ludicrous…

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What’s next?

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That’s the question many people have been asking themselves and others lately, both in general conversation and in the media. We have the Internet. It’s almost literally everywhere. You can access it on a tiny screen that acts as a music player, video game, flashlight, day planner, and status symbol all at the same time. […]

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I swear I’m not stalling. Andrew and I met over the weekend and have decided to split up the huge topic into three blog posts (not including this one): The Before The Current State of Things The Future In “The Before”, we’ll explain how it was before the death of Borders and what e-books are. […]

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The death of Borders: Introduction

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When I first heard Borders was going out of business, my first thought was “where else was I going to get such good coffee?” Yea, I didn’t think about the books. I have the Kindle App on my phone. I have google books. I have Barns & Noble as well as the other bookstores in […]

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