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From its early beginnings as a system of warning to its present day status as a profitable manipulation of the mass media, war reporting has undergone some significant changes to say the least.  During this evolution, the concept of war reporting has still maintained that sense of security that all news provides to the populace […]

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Read this blog, you good American

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The relationship between propaganda and journalism could be characterized as somewhat ambivalent. That is to say that, it is good for circulation and bad for credibility; it is great for stirring up patriotism and bad for creating a global image in the modern day.  First, it is very important to distinguish between propaganda and yellow journalism. […]

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                      The American Civil War was a watershed event in the history of American journalism. Mitchell Stephen’s book “A History of News” says that the “Civil war does more for the development of American Journalism than any other event.” In a war that is regarded as […]

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War’d you say?

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The history of war reporting is one that can be easily identified by the relationship it has developed between the news and the people seeking that news. War was a contributing factor to the development of preliterate systems of news travel as characterized in Mitchell Stephens book “A History of News”. War reporting grew in […]

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