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The power of sight

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Traditionally newspapers are known for being black and gray.  Some papers, however, break the mold.  USA Today is this type of paper.  With a bold layout, USA Today has proven a little color leads to a lot of success.

The paper has boasted the highest circulation numbers since 2003, until The Wall Street Journal recently took the title.  So the question is, if papers have had years of success with the black and gray, what makes USA Today the exception?

Splashes of color, lots of pictures and stories that can be described as having an economy of words make this paper easy to read and, more importantly, attractive to the eye. I believe this is what has made this paper rise to number one.

The power of sight takes backseat to little in life, and people want what looks good.  If we live in a superficial society, USA Today is an American’s dream.  If America is obsessed with models, consider USA Today Gisele Bundchen.

Although newspapers seem to be struggling, I believe if there would be one to survive it would be USA Today. My reason for this?  It looks the most like a website. If people are becoming lazier and more drawn in by the eye, USA Today still fits the mold.  Fun look? Check.  Short stories? Check.  The ability to weather the storm that is the Internet?  CHECK!

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