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Short attention spans = fast news

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You click on the TV at 5am, 5pm and 10pm to catch your local news broadcast; your laptop is out, books are in your lap, coffee on the table, dinner being cooked, you’re constantly distracted by something and of the hour of news coming out of your TV you catch five minutes.

As our attention spans dwindle, our news needs to move just a tad faster if we are going to keep up with what is going on. While the daily presentation broadcast of TV news has not changed over the years, new venues continue to immerge allowing us to get our news fast.

Facebook allows you to obtain all of your friend’s most current “news” as quickly as you can log in. Twitter allows you to get the “news” from everyone you fallow usually as quickly as you can open your browser. Both Twitter and Facebook are accessible from just about anywhere, pull out your phone and update your status or receive everyone else’s. On both platforms it is possible to receive and send your news without a Smartphone.

But let’s be serious here, Twitter and Facebook? You’re talking about a good few minutes of reading and in many cases even filtering the newsworthy from the not. Why can’t someone just tell us the news, when and where we want and in a timely fashion? Because in reality you have better things to do with your life then search through Twitter for that 140 character Tweet from CNN about how the 29th miner has been rescued; and after finding that you will still need to click the link to the full article to get the information you need. You have better things to do then sit on Facebook and filter through all of your friend’s nonsense waste of time status updates to find out where the Conan Blimp will be next.

We need our news and we need it NOW.

[Chances are with our attention spans today, that I have already lost you; but hang on I have the answer]

YouTube is a major success on multiple levels – for us right now, it is our answer. It does not take too much savvy searching to find what you need and our News Now is literally right at our finger tips.

Check out Philip DeFranco with your celebrity news faster then TMZ

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