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A brief history of television and a look at its future

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With all the talk of Google TV and Apple TV and integrating internet content with television content in class, I figured it was time for a brief look at the major technological innovations of TV.

1927- Philo Farnsworth patents his idea for what would be the first television.

1928- W3xK becomes America’s first television network broadcasting from suburban Washington, D.C.

1950- First TV remote control invented by Robert Adler, but it used a cable to connect with the TV, which people complained about tripping over. Remote controls would then use ultrasonics in the 1960s and moved to infrared in the 1980s

1966- Color TV becomes widely available, though first appeared during the 1950s.

1972- HBO becomes the first satellite network and the first pay-TV network.

1976- TBS by Ted Turner becomes the first basic cable network.

Big jump in time here:

2000- TiVo introduces the first digital video recorder (DVR) for TV.

Mid-2000s- HDTVs become available in wide use and networks begin broadcasting shows in HD.

June 19 2009- The date Congress set for ending all analog broadcasts and the change to all digital broadcasts.

2010– 3D TVs become widely available. Google TV and Apple TV begin to show how internet content can be combined with TV with internet Apps on TV.

What does the the future of television hold? This YouTube video provides some insight into the future and a brief look at the past.

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