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The Washington Post App

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The Washington Post released an iPad app Monday in their effort to stay connected with the changing technology of journalism.

They also released of a video of their staff and reporters using the iPad and Bob Woodward trying to figure out just what the app does.

For now the app and its content are free. However, starting in February print subscribers will have to pay .99 cents a month, while the rest of us must pay $3.99 a month. The price is actually pretty cheap considering that a monthly subscription on Amazon’s Kindle is $11.99 a month.

So far reviews of this app on iTunes are mixed. It has received 2 1/2 stars out of five from 173  reviewers. People say that there is a lack of content on the app compared to the website and print edition, but they do enjoy the added social networking compatibility with Facebook and Twitter.

Hopefully by the time the app is subscription based, they will have worked out some of the kinks and added more content.

(And on one last personal note, I really want an iPad!)

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