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The velocity of news: a timeline.

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I attempted to create a timeline of the velocity of news.

This was not exactly an easy feat but three websites and three new accounts later I finally succeeded. Hopefully. Maybe.

The velocity of news: a timeline.

While creating this I noticed a couple of things. The velocity of news changed rapidly in periods of time and then completely stopped before picking up again. For example in 1471 word of mouth is still the method of choice but picks up speed due to “flying tales.” Then in 1644, the Manchus conquer China. It takes six years for this news to reach a Dutch newspaper. And then again, from 1702-1818, five (please refer to timeline for events) different occurrences happened that changed history and the velocity of news.

With the Internet and smartphones we find out news as it happens but this wasn’t always so. Enjoy the timeline to see how we reached the point we are at today!

Side note: The timeline may or may not work in Firefox but does work in both Google Chrome and Safari.

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