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E-news for Newsweek

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Just a few short years ago, e-journalism seemed like more of a novelty than of a permanent fixture in reporting. While the idea of being able to access The Washington Post online seemed like a convenient and novel idea, it was still hard to deny the pleasure of holding a crisp, inky newspaper in one’s hands. Now, paper newspapers are quickly on the decline while electronic news is becoming the preferred medium.

With the decline of newspapers is also coming the decline of periodical magazines, including the fan favorite weekly read, Newsweek. On October 18, the magazine announced that they will be transitioning to an exclusively wed read, starting January 2013. Newsweek spokesman Rcihard Kirk says:

We have reached a tipping point in the industry at which we can most efficiently and effectively reach…readers in an all-digital format.

While Newsweek will certainly be keeping up with the times with their new format, the change will include massive layoffs in the company. In an address to the company, editor-in-chief Tina Brown said:

We realize news of a big change like this will be unsettling. We wish to reassure you the transition is well planned, extremely mindful of the unavoidable impact on our staff and respectful of our readers, advertisers and business partners

After the layoffs, remaining staff will transition to begin writing for Newsweek Global, the e-platform. Hey, at least they have until December 31st to find jobs.

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