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“I’ll take a GQ, please”

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Is it just me or does it seem as if majority of magazines sold today focus solely on the body, fashion and mindset of a woman? Whether it is the newest edition of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s, or the Cosmopolitan, they all seem to mainly focus on the female sex. It wasn’t until the creation of Apparel Arts in 1931 where a magazine of men’s fashion became a trade publication in New York City. The magazine of Apparel Arts eventually adjusted its name to GQ, short for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, in the year of 1958. The previous editor-in-chief, Art Cooper made the executive decision to expand the central idea of fashion and turn the magazine’s focus onto general topics such as politics, sports, technology entertainment, food, fitness, and relationships. In 2003, Jim Nelson, current editor-in-chief has continued to grow and magnify these central ideas since. However, the target market of the magazine was directed more towards young men between the ages of 13 to 30. With Nelson’s lead, GQ has been nominated for 46 National Magazine Awards.

            It’s no surprise that GQ remains as one of the top men’s fashion magazines to its competitors. The magazine releases yearly awards known as “GQ Men of the Year” in order to appreciate the most powerful and inspiring men during that time. In addition, they report about top celebrities, athletes and music artists, which attract a large crowd of consumers. On their most recent cover for the month of April, they released a story on the model and soccer superstar- David Beckham. Upon the cover Beckham, the magazine promotes words such as “style bible, hair gods, the patron saint of swagger, and cheap guide to look expensive.” It’s rather clear that GQ magazine chooses and promotes specific men who represent the values and ideals of the company. Beckham upholds the ideas of respect, style, athleticism and family, which appeal to most men who are reading the magazine. So, for all the men looking to spruce up their style, understanding relationships, or proper health advice, make sure to pick up your latest edition of GQ.

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