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Zachary Litwiller is a 27-year-old retail professional living in Falls Church, Va. He moved to Northern Virginia in May, 2011 from Norfolk, Va. to further his education in Journalism, following up his BA in Communication Studies (May 2008). Zachary has always had a passion and talent for writing and looks forward to exploring the opportunities in the world of professional writing.

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6 May 1912, New York City: Women publicly marched the streets in the Suffrage Parade as a bold move to further the women’s rights movement and gain momentum for their cause.  These parades were only a small part of the fight for women’s suffrage which took decades to win. Started in 1848 by Susan B. Anthony […]

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Impact of Media: Exposed

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The combination of the words exposed and media in a single sentence often conjure thoughts of naked celebrities and nail-bitingly insignificant scandals.  The impact of media has further reaching implications, however, than the latest tabloid headline.  It has the impact of exposure. In the 1950s and 60s the U.S. was in the middle of the […]

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