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How far is too far?

According to an article in the Atlantic, the CIA has admitted to using Twitter tweets and Facebook statuses to “glean insights into the collective moods of regions or groups abroad.” The intelligence agents, known as “vengeful librarians,” intend to scan the world of social media to monitor the opinions of people across the globe. According to the Associated Press, the “librarians” are tracking up to five million tweets a day from places like Pakistan, Egypt and China. To learn more, watch the video above.

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View the story “Using Storify for journalism education” on Storify]

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Newspapers vs. The Internet

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Old news vs. New news. The decline of the newspaper industry is imminent. With a decline in circulation and an increasing number of online newspapers, the paper newspaper that we are accustomed to is on the path to extinction. If this video doesn’t foreshadow it’s demise then I don’t know what does.


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The future of social media

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Everyone is always looking for next big thing. Whether it be the new gadget, new car, or new social media outlet. Over the past decade, the social media market has grown more and more competitive with seemingly the passing day. Microsoft is looking to add to the competition of social media with a new platform. Learn more above.

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For many of us, tweeting and posting statuses is part of our everyday existences. With millions of users of social media networks across the globe, it is one of the fastest forms of spreading information. But how can our legacy live on once we pass away? TED Talks speaker Adam Ostrow explains.

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