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Paris: the city of love

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Bonjour and welcome to the wonderful city of Paris, France. Known worldwide as the city of love, Paris is the desired location for honeymooners and those looking for a bit of romance. From scenic walks along the Seine River to ascending the Eiffel tower, there is certainly a lot to do in this city rich […]

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This Tuesday our guest speaker is Jack Censer. Mr. Censer used to teach The History of Journalism and is a fan of the Old Regime French Press and the French Revolution (all according to Professor Klein so if this is not true I refuse to be held accountable). Anyway, one of my themes is the […]

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A Cup of News

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Coffeehouses. There’s one at every street corner. But, what more do they provide then just a great cup of brew? Exchanging of news. That’s right, a quaint and cozy coffeehouse is the ultimate haven for news enthusiasts. Starting in the 17th century, when the first coffeehouse was established in Oxford, England, the role of coffeehouses […]

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