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Has Television Change Our Personality?

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As everyone is aware of, Television has change everything an ordinary American has done over the past half century. It is a revolutionary technology in the 20th century that has change the way we received news, and how the news is transformed to millions of viewers. 

Television sets begin with black and white sets,color in the mid- 1960s, and high definition sets in the 2000s. It has shows images of prosperity, violence, terrorism, and war images that we rarely see in newspapers. Television give viewers its first half hour nightly newscasts, and breaking news stories, thus creating more demand for news.

But since Television was invented in the early 1950s, scholars, critics, and other pundits have questioning the impact of Television on average Americans. They believe that Television, like writing, has had the same impact  on people today then it was before the 20th century.

While Television became an everyday life for Americans, it could have an effect on how people react to important issues .  The more people watch television, the less time they spend time only. But the impact

However, the study of Television having  the same impact on average American as writing has been flawed on several occasions.  They had been various  studies on children watching a violent television programs become more violent in their adulthood’s, or playing violent games linking to violent aggression or vice versa. However, there is no study stating that watching news programs like  ESPN, FOX News, CNN, or MSNBC shapes our opinion on a particular topic or .

The face that Television changes us is very complex  issue and it has years, decades, or even centuries later for historians to debate this issue. It also could be a mistake for historians to compare the impacts of TV and  writing into our daily lives because of the complexity between the two.

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