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A Jewish newspaper in America

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The ethnic press must be discussed somewhat independently from other American newspapers.  Many ethnicities have a unique newspaper encompassing their cultures and communities.  The Jewish community is no exception to this.

The first Hebrew and Yiddish newspaper appeared in America in 1871, and there are still newspapers specific to the Jewish community today.  The arguably most popular Jewish newspaper in America today is The Jewish Week.

The New York-based paper has five editions that include Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Westchester/the Bronx and Brooklyn/Staten Island.  It also reaches more than 70,000 households each week.  The publication keeps up with trends and features of the community as well as analysis from Israel.

While the paper very obviously supports the Jewish community, it does not want that to be their only objective.  They boast this fact:  “Our first loyalty is to the truth.”

The question:  Who’s truth are they loyal to?  Our truths are all subjective, and this newspaper continues in this vain.  However, with the presence of ethnic papers more people have an opportunity to find the paper that speaks to their own personal truth.

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