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Queen of The Daily Show

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Few correspondents in television today are so versitile and are so well connected to the world when compared to the most senior correspondent for Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

Samantha Bee.  Fanpop.com

Samantha Bee. Fanpop.com


Samantha Bee has been making us laugh while watching The Daily Show since 2003.  Her eccentric behavior and use of shocking vocabulary fit in perfectly to the show. 

Before working on The Daily Show as a senior correspondent, she traveled to Berlin in 1989.  She worked for Nick News as their correspondant at the fall of the Berlin Wall.  As the Senior Judicial Correspondent she gave her expert advice on the story of Khalid Sheik Mohammed being tried for his involvement in the September 11th attack in New York  City



As the Senior Alaska Correspondent she battled Jon Stewart while reporting on the resignation of Sarah Palin.

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Samantha Bee has been perfect in every situation she has been planced in.  She shows her magnificent passion as a news correspondent.  It seems she has found her happiest home as the most Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show as she continues to blow our mind every time she speaks.

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