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The Saturday Press was established in 1927 in Minneapolis by Jay Near and Howard Guilford. The Saturday Press wrote stories which claimed that there were ties between organized crime, the police and city officials. Every issue in the Saturday Press attacked some aspect of the government in Minneapolis, especially the city and county officials. When […]

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In Chapter Seven “Human Interests (Faits Divers)–Such a Deal of Wonder,” Stephens recounts the details surrounding the news coverage of England’s King Henry VII’s daughter Mary to Prince Charles, “heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire,” in 1508. Despite the wedding not taking place for political reasons, a printed pamphlet of the announcement […]

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Crime Sells

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Picture retrieved from OliverAlex’s photostream and found by way of Creative Commons Since before newspapers were first began being made, crime has been reported. One of the earliest crime reports were written in cuneiform and on clay tablets. Today, the language and the medium may be different, but the draw of a crime report remains […]

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