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History in the making

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The physical paper is so expendable; it’s likely to be seen lining the bottom of bird cages or wrinkled and shoved in some room corner. The physical newspaper can now be seen carrying the visual image of the phrase: news does not keep.

The general attitude to the physical newspaper can be at best be described as irreverent but written news has played a role other than informing the people of its day. Places like the Newseum show off the role that written news has played in the recording of history. In essence, each newspaper is a telling piece of history.

Does this mean that we should start squirreling away every single paper that lands on our doorstep, or that we spot in the grocery store? And now we’ve got the social media to keep up with, do we save every single tweet that we tweet? And the tweets that the people we follow tweet?

After all, every tweet, text, blog and article represent a bit of U.S. history right?

Interestingly enough there are now stories that are being recorded and stored for historical purposes. StoryCorps is one company that now does just that.

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