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History repeats itself…

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Halladay No Hitter 2010 (Google Images

On Oct. 6, 2010 Roy Halladay pitch his first No Hitter. It was the first post season no hitter in almost 1000 post season games and over 50 years. It was

Roy Halladay is the Ace pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. This game was his first start in a post season game. It is only 1 of 5 to throw a no hitter this year.

His no hitter helped the Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-0 in game one of the NL divison series.

Don Larsen No Hitter 1956 (Google Images)

Don Larsen was the last person to pitch a post season no hitter in 1956.

Larsen was the pitch for the 1956 New York Yankees. He threw his no hitter in the Yankees 2-1 win against The Brooklyn Dodgers on Oct. 8. Almost exactly 54 years prior to Halladay.

Larsen and Halladay are the only two pitches to ever thrown a no hitter in post season play. However because it was done agian it proves that, in sports, history does repeat itself.

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