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Inside a Newspaper Newsroom

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Many people read newspapers, either online or at their kitchen table, but a lot of people probably do not realize the work that goes into publishing the news read by thousands in a daily newspaper.

Credit: Julie Starr, Allaboutthestory.com

Julie Starr, founder of AllAbouttheStory.com, published a slide presentation detailing how a modern newspaper newsroom works.  Some of the steps that Starr includes in her slides include the following:

  • Reporter pitches a story idea at a news meeting.  Research is done toward the story, and it is submitted.
  • The web and news editors decide whether, or where, to use the reporter’s story in the online, and print, divisions of the newspaper.
  • Designers, or layout subs, decide how, and where, the articles will appear in the newspaper.
  • Headlines are then written by sub-editors.
  • Pages are turned into .pdf format and are sent to the newspaper printers.
  • Newspaper is printed, and distributed to the reading audience.

More recent changes in the newspaper industry, such as social networking integration and a heavy reliance on web-based platforms, have not been included in Starr’s 2-year-old slides.

Starr is also based in New Zealand, so the particular process of putting a newspaper together can vary in other countries.

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