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He’s back for another 20 years

Posted by: | October 4, 2011 | No Comment |

Brett Favre is back.

Don’t worry though, this time he’s bringing his gunslinging mentality to journalism. He just can’t stay away. Here’s video of Favre making his college football broadcasting debut:



At least it looks like a good dress code for him, I’m sure he’s got some wranglers on, not shown by the camera.

All kidding aside, Favre wasn’t too bad. Sure, he had some pauses but that will go away with a little practice. I think it’s cool how tons of ex-players get these amazing commentating jobs. The only problem to me is that I want those jobs too!

We’ll see how long Favre can last in the booth and if can move up to the good ol’ four-letter network. I however foresee him moving down to the field to coach sooner than later and give me another job opportunity. Thanks in advance Brett.


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