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Investigative journalism

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Is it on the rise or the decline?

Is the decline of investigative journalism hurting Americas’ democracy? According to The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the increase of fluff stories in the news are hurting our democracy. Michael Copps is one of five commissioners for the FCC. Cronkite News reports that Copps said that reporting has been sacrificed as news organizations struggle to to deliver greater returns to shareholders.


As the the article from Cronkite News says, there has been a shortage of local stories of government corruption going unreported. Big corporations are not being challenged.

Cronkite News 

Cronkite NewsWatch and News Service (CNS) at Arizona State University (ASU) provide full, multimedia coverage, including video reports and a daily newscast, of state news, government, politics and weather. Look to Cronkite News for breaking and in-depth coverage of critical public policy issues such as immigration/SB1070/employer sanctions, action by state agencies and the governor”s office, wildlife, the environment/climate change and Latino/Hispanic issues.

To counter the point made by Michael Copps, The London Evening Standard reports that in order to have an investigative journalism story matter, it must be published by a traditional media publication and not self-published. Therefore, investigative journalism is very much alive in the internet era of news.

Investigative journalism is still thriving in the internet era 

Journalists, so surveys regularly reveal, are not trusted by the majority of the people they affect to serve. In the public estimation of our worth, we rank alongside politicians and estate agents. It always seems to have been the case, from the dawn of newspapers onwards.

The video below shows a few citizens in Texas challenging Chevy to recall their Cobalts due to a power steering failure. They took Chevy on and fought for their safety. They challenge Copp’s point.

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