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Why radio still matters

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Mike Missanelli, the main voice of The Fanatic, an all FM sports talk radio station. (Photo courtesy of 975thefanatic.com)

Not long ago, when there was still hope in Philadelphia that a World Series could be won in 2011, I faced a horrific dilemma.

I had just finished watching my brother’s soccer game at York College in Pennsylvania.  The Philadelphia Phillies were already underway in Game 1 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

That is where radio saved the day.  The entire journey home, radio kept me updated on all the action.  In an ever evolving social media platform and use, radio is still an essential unlike its fading competitor, the print newspaper.

While driving, radio is the only legal way to find out news whether it be national, local, traffic, weather, or sports.

In fact, radio is going through evolutions of its own, particularly involving sports.  Satellite radio is still not even a decade old.  It is an incredible technology to drive in Virginia, but hear a crystal clear radio broadcast of a Philadelphia Flyers game.

Another great advantage satellite radio provides on a majority of its channels is uncensored material. As a mostly literal advocate of First Amendment rights in terms of free speech, this is an incredible achievement.  It’s great to hear songs such as, “Cleaning Out My Closet” and “Down with the Sickness” uncut, the way the song was meant to be heard.  While the content in these songs is offensive, the songs are raw and authentic.  That is why satellite radio is subscribed to.

Where radio is really taking off now, especially in large markets, is the transformation into 24-hour FM sports stations.  Fans have become extreme in their following of sports, sometimes to a fault.  However, radio station executives are pouncing on the idea of giving fans a place to collectively share thoughts on their hometown sports teams.

The ability of radio to adjust on the fly and still make itself relevant is critical in a Zuckerberg world. It provides an outlet for drivers especially to receive their news in a timely fashion almost as quick as their smart phones.  Having the ability to execute immediacy is the key to successful future media.

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