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Where is Matt Lauer, really?

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The Today Show is a staple on televisions nationwide and is viewed by millions around the country every morning. The program is mixture of hard news stories, feature interviews and lifestyle segments. For ten years, the Today Show’s lead anchor has compiled a segment for the show that sends him around the world. Where in the World is Matt Lauer? is a segment in which Lauer travels to a new mystery place each day. In the past, just the other anchors guess his location.

Here is a picture from the segment in 2001.

“ I see lots of opportunities for @TodayShow to leverage Where in the World is Matt Lauer on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
October 17, 2011
“ @todayshow Excited for the return of Where in the World is Matt Lauer! 🙂 I grew up to that theme song!
October 17, 2011
“ very excited for where in the world is matt lauer on the @todayshow. another great addition to the morning!
October 17, 2011
allDAY – Matt pranks our Twitter, Facebook fans with big announcement

Matt pulled a fast one on TODAY this morning during his announcement that his popular Where in the World series is coming back in November, and your reactions to the prank on Twitter and Facebook were hilarious.  After teasing a big announcement for days, Matt revealed he wa …

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