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Live-tweeting for entertainment

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There are many reasons to live-tweet. There could be a guest speaker in class or a panel that you are listening to. Beat reporters also live-tweet from sporting events.

But can live-tweeting be used for entertainment?

Andy Boyle was just a regular customer at a Burger King in Boston, Massachusetts when he overhead a couple that was sitting at a different table. Since the couple seemed to be having a not-so-private discussion, Boyle reacted in a way that is not surprising in this age of new media. He tweeted it. Sentence-by-sentence, picture-by-picture and even added some videos.

Boyle’s 3,269 followers were treated to a night of hilarity. His followers were buzzing about it. Today, I heard about it through someone that I follow on Twitter. Then, I found Rhiannon Coppin who Storified the whole ordeal. The event was cleverly titled “The Restaurant of Broken Dreams.” For the next five minutes of my life, I read, lived and was immersed in this couple’s fight. It was almost as if I was in the room too.

Have we entered a world where live-tweeting is the new play-by-play? Have we come to a time when you we can only hear about important events through Twitter?

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