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The revolution will not be televised…

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In the early morning hours of Tuesday November 15th, Will Wheaton, former actor (Star Trek, Stand By Me) and current independent blogger, tweeted from Zucotti Park in New York:

Isn’t it against the law for the NYPD to bar credentialed press from entry to Zuccotti and #occupywallstreet? What are they trying to hide?

His tweet was in reference to the “evacuation” of all credentialed news media in the proximity of the original Occupy Wall Street movement, before police stormed the community, making arrests and destroying the personal property of occupiers who weren’t able to clear out their tents and other amenities that had been compiled over the duration of the two-month occupation.

The OWS Library Twitter feed commented later:

NYPD has closed airspace above park to prevent news helicopters from filming. It’s an unprecedented violation of free press.

But there are still videos of arrests and police brutality popping up all over YouTube, thanks to citizen journalists with Flip Cams and Smart phones capable of instant uploads.

Welcome to the Information Age, kids.

The revolution will not be televised… it’ll be on YouTube.

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