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Siri, a Sit Down Drag Out Review

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In the wake of the death of Steve Jobs, many investors, enthusiasts, and simple consumers have voiced their concerns over the direction that Apple will take after the Sultan of Silicone Valley has passed. The new CEO of the multimedia giant, Tim Cook, is now the new name behind the devices in your hand. There are even rumors that the iPhone 4S, actually stands for “For Steve”.

In this age of the decay of printed paper, and truly instant velocity of fnews, the newly loaded software Siri seemingly fulfills all of our sci fi instant gratification fantasies. The premise behind Siri is that given any simple vocal command, your iPhone is able to answer intelligently, and with personality. As a ramification of news, the software is a complete breakthrough in disguise. From now on one need not read through a whole paper to find the story they are looking for but just tell Siri what they heard and wait for it to be found.

This new technology, like all innovations that came before it, is of course rumored to have glitches. With such an interesting and intuitive technology, though, I needed to find out just how big of a splash this tech was likely to make, inspiring me to have a seat in my girlfriend’s apartment with her new iPhone and get my hands on it.

Siri’s interface, like so many more of Apple’s, is built to be simple, easy to get your head around, and intuitive. The basic programs that Siri uses are (ironically) Google interfaces to find things that you want found

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