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Who chooses the news?

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Every day there are hundreds, even thousands of stories published on the Internet. Who decides what to write or post? Is there a rhyme or reason to the types of articles written daily?

Perhaps, in my opinion, there is a reason as to why certain topics become the top stories on the left side of the Google News page. It is all about what the people of the internet are constantly searching for — that is, human interest topics that are relevant of the day.

Ebola. Image courtesy of http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1946713/thumbs/o-EBOLA-570.jpg?6.

People want to know what’s what; where the latest outbreak of ebola occurred, what celebrity is currently sporting a baby bump, and what sports team scored the winning touch down of last night’s game.

Sometimes the stories are assigned by editors, and sometimes the writers are lucky enough to decide what topic they want to pick apart on paper.

Of course,  journalists before the internet did not have it as easy as we do today, to pick out their hot topic stories. They had to sit around and brainstorm for ideas, something that we take for granted as we scroll mindlessly through our Twitter feeds, looking for the next tweet to pique our interest.

Old fashioned journalism. Image courtesy of http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-yrqMsf2TccQ/TzFgvJRSGyI/AAAAAAAABJc/csX9eEuu4VE/s1600/louisville-007.jpg.

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