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The first French daily: Journal de Paris

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On January 1, 1777, Journal de Paris became the first French daily newspaper. Its founders modeled it after the London Evening Post, in hopes of creating similar success and increasing the velocity of information and news in the community.

The stories covered each day ranged, but were often focused on reporting literary news, evening shows and other events important to the culture at the time. The journal also featured basic daily information that included lottery results, weather reports and local health/disease concerns.

The Journal de Paris also prided itself in sharing new discoveries made in the community or beyond, even featuring a letter to the editor from Benjamin Franklin explaining his discovery and thought process process behind developing the concept of Daylight Savings Time.

During this time period, dailies continued to emerge in various countries and their growing cities. This shift increased the knowledge of readers and vastly improved the rate at which they consumed new information. From its inception in 1777 to its final issue in 1840, the Journal de Paris embraced this role in the French community and created a connection that could not have existed previously.

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