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There’s no noise in Illinois

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100 years ago, Lake County Independent was the local newspaper that predominantly covered news for Lake County, Illinois.

In the early 1900’s, these newspapers were much simpler than today’s.

Local news were really local.

So much so that the sample of newspapers were only a few pages long, and it seems to talk about people as if they should be known to the public.

Informing us of what may seem as trivial decisions at first glance, this newspaper contains the rich history of the United States. It shows us “modern-day folk” just what everyday life meant back then.

For example, on January 5th, 1900, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bock had a three-month-old who suffered, died, and was buried next to four other little girls. Not only does this text display the facts, but it also reflects the religious nature of that time stating, “it would seem she had budded on earth only to blossom in Heaven”.

This is something that might be scrutinized in today’s world. Although this country’s Constitution was built on religious (as well as moral) values, many today still take issue with it. Look at the “under God” or the “Christmas” versus “Holiday” tree controversy.

Additionally, local news today would probably not include whether or not “Miss Mary Norton is visiting her aunt at Batavia, Ill.” News today is about entertainment. After all, our book does say murder is the most reported crime since it is the most fascinating.

Besides, no ratings, no journalism.

But, do you think we could learn from the 1900’s simpler accounts of news?

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