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First of live television news broadcasting

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Lowell Thomas, writer, traveler, broadcaster, was the first ever live television news broadcaster.




His broadcast aired on NBC network in 1939.

It was a short stint that aired once a week and were summary type shows. The show did not last very long and there are numerous accounts to why. First, It was said that Lowell Thomas did not enjoy being in the studio all the time and loved the ability to travel. He had a strong belief that “People want to hear news, not see the people who are reading it.” Secondly, The U.S. entered World War II and thus innovation had halted and everything focused on supporting the war.

Lowell Thomas pioneered live television broadcasting

and later in 1941 Richard Hubbell was introduced into the scene as he broadcasted live television on the CBS network which began towards the end of World War II.

And finally later in 1948 when the coaxial cable was introduced is when television networks really started to make their push.



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