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Media stars then & now

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A media star is someone who is well known due to his or her regular appearances in the mass media. They are someone who engages with their audience while having some sort of influence and authoritative standpoint. When we think of media stars, we think of popular radio talk show hosts, television hosts, news reporters, […]

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Information is constantly being passed from person to person. Whether it’s in a conversation, a text, a news article, a Facebook post, or even something as simple as a tweet, we are constantly sharing information with each other. This is not a new concept. Back in 351 b.c., this notion of passing information and news […]

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We live in an age where we know what color dress stars like Angelina Jolie wore to a red carpet event five seconds after she steps out of the limo or what Duchess, Kate Middleton is saying in an interview after her engagement in a web article, an hour later.  The internet, television shows like […]

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Today when you think about salons, you probably think about places people go to have their hair polished and styled for a price. However this is not the case for what salons were in the 17th and 18th centuries. Early French salons served as a sort of haven for exchanging and receiving information. Though salons were […]

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