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Learning through technology

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Media literacy dramatically increased with the increase of  technology. The education systems in America, as well as other countries, use technology to increase the media literacy of their students. There are many lessons being taught that focus on learning how to use technology and teaching students how to analyze and break down different forms of media.

Even colleges are embracing media literacy, whether they know it or not. At GMU there are Active Learning Technology Classrooms that allow students to use technology in class to connect their work to larger solutions or audiences. Bringing technology into the classrooms allows students to look at media- whether it be scholarly article, youtube videos, or social media posts- and use that media to further their education. They are able to dissect videos, articles, and photos to understand their greater meaning.



Another great example of media literacy in education is this blog. The Comm455/History of Journalism blog has allowed communication and history students to look at different aspects media to analyze journalism and its importance to society today. I personally have researched the norse contributions to print journalism, media literacy, and storytelling as a form of journalism. This opportunity has allowed us to become more aware of the media and what it means in the greater scheme of journalism in the world today.

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