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The decline of college newspapers

Posted by: | April 19, 2016 | No Comment |

Are on campus newspapers dying?

Possibly. Many colleges and universities are moving to an online model and dropping the print version of their news.

However, this shift may not be the best move as print newspapers are still a valuable resource for advertisers.

The question is are student media organizations able to adjust to the change in technology? At most college s the paper prints weekly, which means that stories have a slow release time. It is near to impossible to release breaking news through this platform. For online news organizations, they can quickly post and edit breaking news almost as it happens.

Is print news too old to focus on?  No. A college paper is something physical you can hand someone. With the large space that is the internet, it is hard to stand out. With physical news, a reader is given something tangible to keep, which would entice them to keep reading.


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