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On September 17, Mitt Romney was at a fund raiser in Florida when he candidly made some remarks about the American people, unaware that his comments being recorded. Important lesson to the Republican presidential candidate: you are running for president — you are always being recorded. Let’s start with the direct quote: “There are 47 […]

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Technology wave of data

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In his article for the New York Times, Steve Lohr discusses a new wave of data-driven technology. Our technology has surged from personal computers in the 1980s and the Internet in the 1990’s to smartphones that combine both of those technological milestones into one palm-sized device. So, what’s next? New software will automate more tasks […]

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Printing and moveable type

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Moveable type was first used to print by Bi Sheng in China around 1041 A.D. His system of printing was very labor intensive, however. Creating the large ceramic slabs with the details of each character in the Chinese language proved near impossible. Korea tried methods similar to Sheng’s just a few centuries later, but ran […]

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