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Ted Turner & CNN

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Launched on June 1, 1980 Ted Turner’s Cable News Network (CNN) continued people’s innate desire for news. CNN was the first 24-hour cable news program. CNN gave us “the sights as well as the sounds of the news became available 24 hours a day,” as Mitchell Stephens notes in his book “A History of the News.” Before […]

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Jean-Paul Marat

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Writer Jean-Paul Marat wrote the eight page periodical L’Ami du peuple which comprised over 700 issues. Marat frequently ran into trouble with authorities. Publishing from England, Marat played a key role during the French Revolution. Marat was a critique of all authorities, particularly the monarchy in both France and England. Similar to Thomas Paine during […]

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In Mitchelle Stephens’ book “A History of News,” use of the term correspondents referred to those individuals that kept up a letter correspondence with editors of newspapers abroad. These so-called correspondents could be called upon to “forward reports of newsworthy occurrences in their bailiwick directly to the newspaper -a considerable more efficient system than waiting for the haphazard arrival of private letters.” According to the Oxford English […]

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Jane Grey Swisshelm

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On Thursday October 4, 2012 Senate Historian Donald Richie came and spoke to the History of Journalism course. Donald Richie is the historian for the United States Senate. He came and spoke to the class regarding the access to Congress and the relationship that the city of Washington D.C. has with the reporters that cover/covered […]

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History of News

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Author of the book “A History of News,” Mitchell Stephens gave a short synopsis of the history of news for the Future of Journalism Project’s Youtube Page. The themes that we continue to discuss in our class are nicely summed up in this five minute video. What Stephens remarks on is the human race’s desire […]

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Professor Klein requested that I write about my experience at the Newseum from Thursday September 20th. At this event I was honored to be in attendance when Noble Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi spoke to a group of Amnesty International members. Aung San Suu Kyi is pro-democracy leader in the country of Myanmar. […]

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-Helena Okolicsanyi When the first broadcast of news hit the airwaves through the radio in 1920, something significant was happening. For the first time, news was brought directly to the home. No loner did you have to wait for the next day’s newspaper to learn about the world, all you had to do was simply […]

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News value stems from how much prominence individuals give to a chosen media outlet. For most consumers of the news, value is obtained from independence and accuracy. If a news outlet is reporting something that is false, they have lost the trust of their audience. For the consumer, that value is lost and the news outlet will […]

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