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On this day in history in 1947, Congress began its investigation into Communist influence in Hollywood in what was known as the beginning of the “Red Scare.” The Cold War was heating up and the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union were becoming increasingly suspicious of each other’s motives. In Washington, conservatives […]

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No news is bad news

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The wait for urgent news causes universal anxiety. Once the anticipation has become too much to bear, we reassure ourselves with a universal anecdote; “no news is good news.”  Is no news really good news? The effect of censorship on news during the French Revolution tells us otherwise. News publications during the French Revolution needed […]

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A violation of 1st Amendment rights?

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The First Amendment Coalition reported in early Sep. that attorneys general in 18 states “demanded” that Craigslist.org removethe sites adult services page, arguing that Craigslist was not doing enough to stop ads for “illicit services” in Aug.  Last week Craigslist placed a black “Censored” bar over the adult services page. Did the attorneys generals over […]

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