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Newspapers and online publications are constantly releasing content to stay up to date with the latest news.  While trying to get this content out, there may be a few copy or factual errors that get swept into the finished article.  Every online publication wants to be the first article people click on to be informed. […]

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The press and the Sago mine disaster

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41 hours after an explosion in a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia that trapped 13 miners, the nation woke up relieved to see headlines reporting 12 of the 13 miners alive. Headlines in newspapers like USA Today screamed that twelve miners had beaten the odds.  However, joy and happiness turned into grief and anger as […]

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Revised 7.7.2011 7:17pm   My original idea for this blog entry was to discuss the inaccuracy of certain news providers.  Specifically, I wanted to call out Fox News.  Mentioning Fox News in many classroom discussions typically results in laughter.  Students and professors alike appear to reject Fox News as a credible news source. As I […]

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We all make mistakes. Sometimes we can correct them and sometimes we can’t. Those who work in journalism have to correct their mistakes. If they don’t correct their mistakes they run the risk of losing their credibility. A journalist with no credibility is quickly unemployed. There are those who say that there is no such […]

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