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The Times: a London original

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Today, when someone says “I read The Times,” they could be referring to any number of publications: The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, The Daily times – the list goes on and on including titles within the US as well as many international titles.  However, “The Times” technically refers the […]

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http://screenmediadaily.com/mobile-devices-help-consumers-research-travel-and-make-reservations/ Many Americans have started booking their travel reservations on their mobile devices. Rather than using their desktops or laptops, they are using their cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. Richard Byrne Reilly, of VentureBeat News (VB News), reported: “For the first six months of 2014, over 40 percent of Americans booked travel reservations — flights, hotels, cruises, […]

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American Journalism pt. 3

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1960’s: The 1960s was marked by clashes of ideologies and the result was a decade mired in turbulence — but also one that brought important changes College students and Civil Rights activists took on what they perceived as an oppressive and unjust political system. In the early- and mid-60s, Civil Rights activists organized marches and […]

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