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David Graham Phillips was a prominent┬ámuckraking journalist and novelist in the late 19th and early 20th century. Following the success of his first novel, The Great God Success, he was able to continue his career in fiction writing and begin work as a free lance journalist. Throughout this portion of his career, Phillips built a […]

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Muckrakers: then and now

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Muckraking is considered an early form of investigative journalism. In the early 1900’s before World War I, muckrakers reported on topics concerning crime, politics and corruption in society and were often considered watchdogs. They revealed scandal among the government and important issues that led to reform. Upton Sinclair is a notable muckraker from the early […]

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Muckraking in the 21st century

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While it is easy to assume that the term muckraking only refers to political reporters in the 1800’s, the act is still performed today. A new term has been coined. Investigative journalism is a widespread act of exposure. Instead of reporting a feature story or even hard news, investigative reporters are in the business of […]

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Raking up the muck

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In the late 1800’s, mostly cold hard facts were considered for news stories. At the turn of the century however, journalists were beginning to stray from objectivity. Finding the dirt of the story became more important than the where’s and they why’s. The word muckraker was first coined by Theodore Roosevelt, who was president during […]

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