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A list of news values was put together by media researchers Johan Galtung and Marie Holmboe Ruge in 1965.  They analysed international news stories to find out what the formula and factors were for getting them to the top of the “news agenda” worldwide. The list provides a scoring system.  It explains that a story […]

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There are essential elements that make up every good news story. News stories answer the: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Most news readers are aware of these six questions and look for the answers early in the article.  If an article is structured correctly, a reader should be able to find these answers right in […]

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News values

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On page 26 of “A History of News: Third Edition,” Mitchell Stephens lists seven traits that journalists use to measure the value of a news story. They are: impact, emotional appeal, conflict, prominence, timeliness, proximity and the unusual. Audiences will follow a story if the people think it has an impact on their lives. The economic downturn has impacted many in […]

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