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Best of “Times”

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Powerhouse syndicate survives print bust and technology boom. The New York Times. Need I say more? Quite frankly, no. The New York Times is the be all and end all of journalism (print or otherwise) and its influence is astronomical. It is the holy grail for aspiring writers and journalists (i.e. me) and has an […]

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One antiquated hand washes the other. The only place I ever see people read magazines or newspapers is in airports.– Dylan French, founder of Nobody.com At the risk of sounding trite, everything suddenly clicked. This quote is a summation of the future. There will come a time when yearning for the “old days” of  journalism […]

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Syn city

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Print syndication’s well runs dry. Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of newspapers and magazines, news was actually fresh. It was current, it was relevant and it was…newsworthy. Then, it all went to hell. Maybe “hell” is a stretch. But it’s mostly accurate. In the same vein, maybe newspapers aren’t as guilty as magazines in […]

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Syndication in Newspapers

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When the 20th century arrived, Journalism enters the print syndication world.  Print syndication are articles, columns and comics are made available to newspapers, websites, and magazines. Print syndication often reprints  articles and publish them on paper and online with copyright consent. Newspaper companies like the Tribune Company, the New York Times, and The Telegraph Media […]

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