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William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951), dropped out of Harvard in his senior year and took control of one of his father’s business interests: the San Francisco Examiner. Eventually Hearst would go shopping for a paper in New York City, and purchased the New York Journal in 1895. Turn of the century New York was a battlefield […]

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In Chapter 3 of Michael Schudson’s book, Discovering the News, he discusses journalism as entertainment from Joseph Pulitzer and the New York World, and journalism as information from the rise of the New York Times. Shudson begins the chapter by discussing how at the beginning of the nineteenth century, there was always a division among […]

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Read this blog, you good American

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The relationship between propaganda and journalism could be characterized as somewhat ambivalent. That is to say that, it is good for circulation and bad for credibility; it is great for stirring up patriotism and bad for creating a global image in the modern day.  First, it is very important to distinguish between propaganda and yellow journalism. […]

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Inspiration for sensation(alism)

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Journalists and Historians alike often attribute the rise of sensationalism to the war between Hearst and Pulitzer. For it was during this time in the late19th to early 20th centuries that newspaper editors were looking for ways to sell more papers. The story is classic: the elder Joseph Pulitzer makes something of himself by building the St. […]

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