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Change is hard in any period and time. It means a different thing to each person. Many societies resist change because of the unknown tomorrow; many see it as a glimpse of light in the darkness of their lives, while many others see it as a threat to the stability of the only world they […]

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The Impact of Feature Writing What IS feature writing? Feature writing is the researching and writing of a special, in-depth article for a newspaper or magazine. It is considered special because it focuses on one particular, core topic, and is not a regular part of the periodical in which it is published, the way a […]

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Writing was meant for tortoises.

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Although Thucydides was a very well-respected writer, he would have had no place in today’s world of reporting. Let’s face it. Thucydides was writing the stories of his life not to spread the word of current events, but to give deeper examination of the world in which he was living. Thucydides made literary works of […]

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