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Radio Persuasion

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Most radio stations have loyal listeners. At 106.7 The fan the same people call in almost every night to talk to Bill Rohland and Danny Rouhier. These fans believe what the host say and agree with them if it is right or wrong.

So there are reason behind having rules on live radio shows.

According to BBC News over 250 took part in raiding Germany Radio stations. The stations were broadcasting neo-Nazi views. This is illegal is Germany.

The station was using music as well as fake names and address to recruit young people.

With the power to reach a mass audience there is the power to persuade a mass audience.

The radio also has shown signs of persuasion with politics. If someone is a firm listener and hears the radio host say who they are voting for there is a better chance that person will vote for the same person.

Radio is meant to be a means of entertainment, However when in the wrong hands just like any mass medium it can be dangerous!

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