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The wall is moving

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Look out iPad, you are not the only one running the digital media world any more.

HP introduced a “slate for businesses”  in late October. The new HP Slate 500 Tablet PC is running on Windows 7 and is giving the Apple iPad a run for its money in that snug category between cell phone and netbooks.

The HP Slate makes functions like e-reading, video calling and creating media simple by connecting to the Windows cloud and working with all of your other devices.

HP Slate features:
-8.9-inch diagonal LED Screen
-Weighs 1.5 pounds
-Accepts both digital pen and finger input for multitouch gestures
-Included integrated front and rear webcams
-USB ports and an SD slot
-Supports Adobe Flash and Air


And as if a little competition for Apple was not enough, the Sony Google TV has finally launched.  If you thought you had to fight for the TV before wait until the Google TV makes its way into your house. The Sony Google TV is a sleek integration of TV, applications, searching and surfing the web — your TV just got smarter then your smartphone.

A few perks of the Sony Google TV:
-Search across every application, channel and the entire web simultaneously
-Browse the entire web
-Apps on your TV, the Google TV comes with several apps already available and many more being developed– the Android App Market meets your TV
-You can use your phone as the remote control
-Make it personal with a Home Screen containing quick access to your favorite channels and websites
-Multitask: surf the web while watching TV
-If you have DISH Network, enjoy DVR access right from the search bar
Google TV is simple and works with your existing TV and Internet

Learn more at: http://www.google.com/tv/

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