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The melting pot of the ethnic press

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“Know your audience” is a phrase you hear often in journalism. Think about your co-workers or classmates. Very few of them are just one ethnicity. The press isn’t all one ethnicity, either. That is what the ethnic press is all about.

American newspapers, television stations and other outlets of media aren’t just in English anymore. There are translations of American newspapers into various languages. There are also certain newspapers and other media outlets that are geared to Hispanic, Korean, Arabic or other ethnicities in America.

Some newspapers are becoming more sensitive to their melting pot audiences. The nytimes.com updates a section called “Excerpts From the Ethnic Press” where they post translated passages from other New York ethnic newspapers.


The ethnic press is an important factor to keep in mind as we explore the history of print journalism. Even now, we can see how much it has changed.

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